The Marine Corp And I

Recently i started going to training and i have been getting into shape. This coming Monday i had an appointment
to talk about some last minute details about my enrollment. I was brought to the US as a child and no nothing about
living outside of this country. I would fight for this country that has given everything to me. I applied to Differed Action and
got accepted, but didnt research if i was allowed to enlist into the Marine Corp through Differed Action. Today
i found out that unfortunately THAT WONT BE POSSIBLE. Its my fault for not researching something so important, but
i had as couple people that didnt correct me either. So now my world is upside down because everyone that didnt
want me to enlist GOT what they wanted. I can just imagine all the people that are going to tell me "i told you so."
Idk what im going to do with the people that i had told.. like what am i going to say? what reasons am i going to
give. im emotionally drained. One big reason i wanted to become a Marine was to help my mom, and to get threw
college. BUT what is my plan now? what is my plan now? is what i keep asking myself. Im so so sad, and angry at
myself because its my fault for getting my hopes up, my fault for not looking into something so crucial. Well now
my future is pretty much in lingo and my mind is blank. I cant think. Im upset. Im disappointed in myself bc i usually
stay on top of things like this. This is one big bump in MY ROAD
HoneyLaaLa HoneyLaaLa
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 30, 2012