I Wish I Was Little Again

I often wish I was a toddler again.  I love to pretend that I'm still a little boy in diapers.  I remember being about 2 years old and crawling out of my crib one time.  I was in cloth diapers and plastic pants.  Unknowingly at the time, I started wetting myself and a little stream of wetness gradually trickled down the inside of my little leg.  Then I found my way into the living room where my mom was and then she changed me.  What fun!!
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4 Responses Jul 4, 2007

Are you interested in role play?

I know the feeling you're having. Obviously, we're all adults now, and can never go back, but we can find the right space in our own minds to travel as far back as we choose, and I believe the diapers help to form part of that fantasy image that lets us regress away from the adult world (a bit...) and go to a place that most of us found comforting and peaceful... You know, before mortgages, car payments, taxes, etc. <br />
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Go ahead and regress. It's your right!<br />
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Are you sure it wasn't a case of the squirts? You know how baby peas can tear up a stomach!!!!

I remember when I was young I went around to all of my dads ashtray and blow in them. I loved seeing the ashes in the sunlight. It was like a little 4th of July. lol, but it took me so many years to get this old I don't think I was to be that young again. I like having a beer every now and again and driving. Also, as much as a bear as they are, I like being responsible for my actions.