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And Time Stood Still

A time of innocence! When it was ok to talk out loud to your imaginary friend, George. It was NOT ok for the Boogie Man to be under your bed! Nightly checks under the bed, and in the closet were a Must! The only thing SCARIER was a bath!

Candy too, was a Must! All our teeth was going to fall out, and a brand new set come in, right?! Cookies and cakes were a daily food group. You burned up the calories in an hour running, jumping, riding bikes, and climbing trees.

Watermelon seed-spitting contests were a big Summer event. Homemade snow icecream was the Winter event. In the Spring it was mud pies, and damp piles of leaves for the Fall.

Blood, bugs, boogers, and boys were Gross! And fasinating! These were topics of long conversations and observations.

Make believe was Reality! War and Poverty didn't exist!

Oz really was somewhere over the rainbow! And a pot of gold DID exist at the End of that rainbow! So did that selfish leprachaun that we knew we could charm into sharing if we found that pot of gold!

Work was school, or cleaning our room.

Love was for your favorite pet.

Kisses were for boo-boo's and "good nights"

Birthdays took FOREVER to arrive!

Time Stood Still.

And every day we found a reason to wish we'd hurry and grow up, so we could do what the Big People were doing!

emerald emerald 36-40, F 5 Responses Jul 9, 2007

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Oh Ms. Emerald, You are a Magician with your way and use of words to picture thoughts and memories.<br />
<br />
Truly amazing ... I really like this one ...<br />
<br />

well said! brought back some fond memories for me and for that i thank you!

I almost feel nostalgic. Indeed loss of innocence is synonymous with loss of benevolence.

Are we there yet?????

and now we wish for a time machine!