I Remember a Lot More Happiness...

Maybe it was a matter of not seeing the unhappiness because it was kept from me... but I remember my whole family being a lot happier then. 

Maybe it's because my sister and I are old enough to argue back and make smart *** comments now and we didn't then... but I remember having a much better relationship with my parents.

Maybe it's because Mom was still working and we didn't have to count pennies quite as much... but I remember vacations and outings and family dinners at fancy restaurants where we would laugh so loudly and obnoxiously that other diners would look at us with concern.

I don't know what it is about the world then vs. the world now... but I remember things as being a lot safer, a lot happier, and a lot more welcoming than the world today seems to be.  I'm afraid to have children in today's world.

Chanteuse1984 Chanteuse1984
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 15, 2007

i completely agree with you, i remember me being happier then, and safer, and i guess probably safer cos i didn't have as many responsabilities. we didn't have control over anything, it's our parents that did it all for us, but i suppose thats just part of growing up.