So Much to Do....

I do wish I was more motivated - it seems that instead of getting more motivated as I get older, I get less motivated.  Not to be too hard on myself, I have been going through a rather rough time for the last couple of years and this year has probably been the worst so far.

My marriage - well I don't know what is going on with it right now - but it sucks!  And I feel like it sucks all of my energy and motivation away also.  I would really prefer to sleep the day away most days so as to keep myself from thinking too much - although that doesn't work very well - thus I have the name AnalyticalAly - LOL!

I am hoping that if I can get my life straight - I will get more energy and be more motivated but I fear this is one of those things that if you force yourself to do something then you will be motivated to do more and more - so I need some motivation to be motivated! LOL!!

AnalyticalAly AnalyticalAly
41-45, F
May 13, 2009