I Wish I Was Mute Too..

I do. And it's not because I hate talking..I actually love to talk. I have friends and family that I always talk to. But sometimes, or all the time, no one seems to really listen or understand or care. And I can never speak about my feelings without getting emotional or feeling guilty...guilty that I'm making a big deal or complaining too much. I hate bothering people. I wish I was mute mostly because I argue with my parents, and that makes life so much harder. I don't mean to. I get so defensive and I know that my dad is stubborn and can be wrong and unfair..but I wish I didn't have to say something back. I wish I was mute because then I would not express what I think is right rashly like I usually do, because it makes everything worse.
Ineedsomenur Ineedsomenur
1 Response Aug 2, 2010

I wish i was mute also. No one listens to me, my family always ignores me. I pretty much mute at school i only have real conversations to one person, and i don't talk much. People at school think i am mute. When i do talk to my family they just get mad at me and i HATE it!!! Not long ago my little sister wanted to print off a slideshow on powerpoint. I told her it was a waste of paper and trees, so i told mom to tell her not to print it and mom told me my sister shoul not print and mom was telling me not to go crazy, and calm down. I really wish i was mute!