I Wish My Dad Was Sterilized

Reading all of your stories is giving me courage to share my own story.
I was born to a father who was illiterate. He has mild retardation sydrome.
And I was born to a mother who had Borderline Personality Disorder.
I suffered so much verbal and physical abuse from my mom and my sisters.
One sister tried to teach me how to commit suicide.
I have attempted suicide many times in my life time.
Of course it results in ending up in an E.R. with nurses who laugh at me.
When I get really depressed I start wondering why my dad wasn't sterilized.
I was born 1 year before Oregon banned force sterilization of people with retardation sydrome. I don't know why someone didn't report my dad to the eugenics board.
I loved my dad, I just didn't want to be born because of my mom's personality disorder.
I emailed the ACLU today and I told them off and asked them to apologize to me for the fact that I was born. Since the ACLU was the one that banned sterilization of people with mental retardation. I don't know what kind of response I'll get back to them.
But it felt really good to send it and blame them for my conception.
I bet the ACLU has never heard from a child that was born into the mess they created.
I also believe in the after life and I believe that people who commit suicide go to hell.
So I try really hard not to commit suicide.
Actually one time I came close to dying and I think I ended up in purgetory.
I was in a dark void and I could sense an evil presence.
But I came out of it and survived. That's as close as I've been to exeriencing what eternity in hell would be like. I did research and found out that it's pretty common for people who attempt suicide to have these near death experiences of being in a dark void with an evil presence.
I read a lot of posts on this website where people say, "If someone had asked me if I wanted to be born I would of said NO." I totally understand that. However, I have found out that some people believe in a thing called The Pre-existence. And that supposively we lived in heaven with God and asked God if we could be born and that God let us pick out our parents and our life challenges. I find this idea of the pre-existence kind of weird. I'm NOT totally sure if I believe it. I have no idea why I would of picked the parents I did if the pre-existence was true. It sound spretty bogus. Anyways, these are my thoughts. I hope this has helped someone else to feel like they're not alone.
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Your dad and mom had problem's it wasn't there fault on what happened to you.
It's how there brain's work depanding on what they did. im not sure because i didnt read avreything. but if it bother's you and there that bad then go to a home and get yourself help with a new home.