I Don't Wish I Was Never Born, But I Wish No One Chooses To Have Me Again!

Let me explain, I believe that I should never have been born but I believe that I am a good and unique human being that has given a lot to all of the people in my life so I can't take back the belief I have that my life has had and does have value negate my having value on this planet that can't be replaced. Having said that, I have a hereditary disease that is very cruel and painful and completely able to be prevented by any person that has it to make the choice to not have children, which I did. There are so many diseases that can't be prevented so easily that are insidious and evil,like cancer and altzheimer's, that why would you have a child with a disease that is proven to have a 50% chance of being passed on? If you really want to raise a child should it matter that it is genetic and not adopted? I have written a story about the disease I have which is called Charcot Marie Tooth, it is more prevalent than MS and yet no one has ever heard of it. It will not directly kill you but it will make you the weakest kid in your class and stay that way for your whole life, not the worst thing that can happen to your child but it is completely predictable that if you have children you will have one child out of two that has to be made fun of their whole life and struggle to maintain the ability to walk. Why would anyone do that on purpose? I chose not to have children and in my family that means the disease stops here. How can you make any other decision in these circumstances? I have been criticized by other people with this disease saying it is their right to make this decision. Is it really "right" if you know the outcome is 50%? Confused about why not having children would not be a given?
Chelebub Chelebub
51-55, F
Jan 18, 2013