I Wish I Was Never Born In Australia

Hate being in a family in Australia and being called an Aussie when i'm not an Australian background. Everyday of my life it's always boring and even the people in Australia are so F*&$ing stupid and play with the time on me. I ever want to kill the prime ministers in Australia and the government when I'm really want to. Never ever having my 21st Birthday in Australia because everyone of them are really F&*^ing weird with the families. I should die without anyone to see my grave by just going to the deep ocean and kill myself there. I wished I was born in U.s.a, then I wouldn't kill myself, never get F$%^ing bored and have lots of friends in the u.s.a.
jacker34 jacker34
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

come to the usa for sure! its awesome here, believe or not alot of us americans move to australia and have always wanted to go there!