I Wish I Was Never Born

And not only do I wish I were never born, I'm angry about being born. I had no say in the matter. If I had been given the choice, I'd absolutely choose to have never been born. What a miserable, hopeless mess this life is.

My purpose in posting this is not to seek advice or sympathy, but rather just to see if there is anyone else out there who feels this way.

I've tried everything within my power to appreciate what little pleasure and enjoyment I can find in life, but the bad so far outweighs the good, it's impossible. I try to feel gratitude, I'm perfectly aware that there are many people who have it far worse than I do, and that I should count my blessings. But that doesn't make me any less miserable. I've felt this way for literally my entire life, but these feelings become stronger the older I get.

I've tried therapy, medication, exercise - nothing helps. Exercise has made me more attractive, and I am in good physical health, but this is little comfort. I am fully aware of how ignorant and selfish I am.

I feel like my life is basically pointless. I have interests I pursue; working out, music, reading - none of them provide much in the way of lasting fulfillment. I am not a religious or spiritual person, I am turned off by the self-righteousness of religion. I have absolutely no desire to marry or have a family. I have a small handful of close friends who are wonderful, but none understand me. I rapidly lose interest in romantic relationships as quickly as I begin them. I have never been in love and doubt it exists.  I despised school, and the thought of furthering my education literally makes me sick. I carefully selected what I believed would be a somewhat fulfilling career path, only to grow to hate my job as well.

I would never attempt suicide, not due to any moral objections or considerations for anyone else, but because I am certain that if I were to attempt it, I would somehow fail and leave myself even worse off than I was to begin with (confined to a wheelchair, comatose, disfigured, Terri Schiavo, etc.).

So I ask, does anyone else out there feel this way?

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I wish the same. I just can not get the reasons I was onthis earth. Same routine and same faces but different heart. I was thinking of relocating to a place were technology does not matter and having all natural resources. I doubt there are places like that. Just don't know what happened after death... My only set back. Also I take care of my mum and started securing my properties for her incase I choose to take my life. I don't want her to struggle if am gone. I have know one to talk to aside nagging girlfriend who does not want to listen to anything aside career. I even feel she is cheating. My dad died last yr and wish he can at least for putting me in this world mess, he can tell me wassup there. That is all I wish for. There is nothing to fight for in this world and see people hating each other and less concern about prison of life. I feel I am in a jail unless I do sth about it. I don't see that anyone luv me. Not a single soul. Be more careful when they say I luv u. Same way as a girlfriend say u can call me anytime but that is when they switch their fon because they want cheat. Everyone hv a reason to be nice... Don't fall for it.. I am watchful of those that are close. Before I wished for dozen of children. The dream is no longer there not because of wealth but will they like this world or hate it. I hate probabilities. I really don't do well there so I don't gamble. Recently British couple gun themselves. One their suicide note they said they have no reason to live. If u give give me a reason I will live. Now I hv no reason to carry on. I see my time so close. Luv u brothers

Look at the big picture ...the plain obvious truth.... hospitals and nursing homes are filled to capacity due to car accidents,wars,natural disasters and diseases ...millions of people are suffering and many people live in those institutions their entire life paralized in bed or painfully suffering every day wishing they were never born but they don't have the courage to kill themselves. Over 10 million suicides occur every year world wide...10,000,000...[google it to see for yourself]..and it's wrong that they had to be born to suffer in this evil world in the first place. One third of the world population have no kids and want no kids because they realize reproduction and suffering is wrong. Ever since the world began the number of people severely suffering continues to keep multiplying larger every year as the population keeps growing and it can only continue to get worse. All these facts and statistics should be taught to children in public schools before they reach reproduction age but its not taught because the pro-lifers do not want children to know about these truths because the pro-lifers have no morals....the pro-lifers are ignorant irresponsible people who only want to satisfy themselves and cause harm to other people. Most people are born from teenage mothers who are too young to know any better and when they get older many of them realize they made a mistake by having kids in the first place because public schools and their pro-life parents never taught them any better and the reproduction continues one generation after the next. It's like the blind leading the blind. Children are legally entitled to be taught and know these facts therefore it is now time that we have to bring lawsuits to force the government to teach these facts to children in schools the same way lawsuits forced god and prayers out of public schools and abortion was legalized. If all these facts were taught in schools it would stop most of the reproduction. New lawsuits can also make it illegal to reproduce or to use public medicaid and medicare to pay for infertility and pregnantcy medical services except abortion. If you do not believe in the abortion pill you should not have sex. Over 20 million abortions occur every year worldwide. If mothers truly love their children they would not bring their kids into this world of suffering and chaos. No one has any right whatsoever to bring another human being into this world who did not ask to be born. If there is a god and if god created earth he certainly dose not need us humans to create other people ....he can create humans out of thin air or thru vigin mothers if he really wanted to the very same way the Christians claim that jesus was born. In the 12th centrury society killed Christians for having religious fantacy pro-life beliefs. Psychologists say that pro-life people are insane confused people. Retarded people reproduce defective babies. Mental institutions and prisons are overflowing adding to the chaos. Live your own life instead of concerning yourself with reproducing other people. There is nothing.....absolutely nothing on earth that we need so why bring other people here to suffer for nothing. We deserve a perfect world ...or no world at all. Many people especially the crippled and elderly say they would never want to come back to this evil world even if there was no suffering on earth. The next massive meteor that hits the earth will severely injur most of the world population causing even more widespread suffering. Mankind is flying rocket ships into outer space trying to live on other planets in his thrill seeking perverted search for materialistic glory but he is just waisting his time because where ever physical humans travel in the physical universe there will be physical suffering. Animals and humans are both driven by pre-programed reproductive genetic instinc makes them both think they have to reproduce. It is time in your life to evolve and realize that reproduction is not logical, fair, legal or moral regardless if god, alliens or evolution started life on earth and you must learn to control your genetic reproduction instinc instead of instinc controling you. It's time to be proud to teach your kids,grand kids and other people about all these undisputable facts. Many pro-lifers are simply too dumb or retarded and will never stop reproducing even in countries like china were reproduction is illegal. Eventually when enough intelligent people realize all these facts revolution will occur and mankind will find a way to totally destroy this evil planet of genetic reproduction as they attempted to do in the 12th centrury so no one including the prolifers will ever have to come to this world of suffering and chaos again. This is the only solution for the benefit of all humanity. After the world ends the pro-lifers will never miss or know what they thought they needed. Pass this letter along to other people to direct them to this university graduate website at Contact me at

I wish this ****** life would just end. For now I am not ready to suicide since I just don't feel like it and maybe am too scared too end my life, but if someone would tell me I would die tomorrow I would careless. I despise most humans walking on this earth, their are just plain selfish and uncaring. Especially those whom you never expected to ever backstab you, like your own family. Disgusting ... Life really is just ****. And in my eyes ppl that suffer depression are actually the more clear headed ppl, their mind tries to reject and deny this filthy construct of lies and pain, which we call a life. To be honest there is nothing to enjoy in life, all the luxuries we the western countries posses has been grown on the bloody backs of children and adults of 3rd world countries. And we, thus life in the 1st world than again carry the mighty ones on our hands, while crawling on our knees, face down in our own blood and the blood of those we sacrificed, as well as our sweat. We just love to suck it all up, what dirt of the silver plates of our idols we are given, we will enjoy, saviour and crave for. This world is just so wrong and scary! Truly a godless world, without love, comfort and caring. Everyone is the closest to themselves. Being doomed to live on this planet is like burning in hell, there shouldn't be much difference to what religious people believe in, what hell is like. And the funny thing every time you feel like something is going good and you somewhat feel okay, something ultimative bad happens, like being a pawn in a stupid game, ridicules. And all this shame full people hiding behind the excuse of being just an animal for being a scumbag, disgrace full. Well if your are an animal than stop wearing closes and live in the woods, hunt kill with your bare hands, do what ever you want. End-

I wish i was never been born either,

Because i Always ruin evrything for evrybody.

If i was never born people would be a lot happier.

I have had the same exact thoughts ever since I could remember. I'm not depressed. I don't want to die. I just really wish i had never been forced into life in the first place, without any regard to whether I even wanted to be here at all in the first place. Its extremely selfish to force life into someone who doesnt want it. At least thats how I feel. Maybe not all of us were really supposed to be born.

Maybe some of us might have died early like at childhood, so their soul or something wasn't meant to be bound to their earthly body, which results into a state like depression etc.. Just a theory. xD

I think it's selfish to bring someone to life and neglect them, abuse them, and use their pain to your advantage, and then blame them for their failures/problems. Why have a kid if you're just going to treat him/her like garbage? If I have a child I'm going to take care of it, or not have one at all.

I wish I had not been born.

I don't want to die because people will be sad for me. I just wish I hadn't been born. I feel horrible for feeling like this because I have everything. But I don't have many friends. My two best friends are the best I could ever ask for. My other 'best' friend is... O.K. But only because he (yes, girls can have guy friends) hurt my feelings (I sound like a 6 year old) and it means a lot coming from him. I told my crush who I 'loke' (not quite love, stronger than like) that I like him. We were friends before but then he stopped talking to me. After that is when everything fell apart. I was never completely happy before that but after that I realized how much people hate me and how nobody really likes me. How little I serve in life. How horrible life is. "Theres nothing more depressing than having it all and still feeling sad." -Anonymous
This is how I feel. All the time.

God get over it, an unrequired crush is really not that painfull, we could switch, I would give a lot for just being able to feel something emotional like love and attachment for someone.

I feel exactly that way, the only difference in my life is that I have a lovely daughter who is on 6 yrs. Perhaps I should forget about myself and just for her live this life.

Bullshit never do that in the end you are just trying to realize your dreams via your daughter, no matter what you say now, but giving yourself up for someone else always means that you are trying to relize yourself within them. You becomemnthem and they become you.

Yes!! Feel exactly the same way..People say God never does mistakes, but that's not true.He did a biggest mistake by giving me this ****** life..I absolutely hate my life..I really wish i was Never born

I know you aren't looking for sympathy, and trust me, I've felt similar to how you have. But I really think you need to start thinking of life as something more than just an obstacle you have to overcome, something that you don't just glide through. I'm now a very happy person and simply through recognition of beauty and happiness in little things, I am significantly more carefree and happy. I know that you can't control your thoughts, hell, I've wished I can many times, but think about it this way- you were put on this earth whether you like it or not, so why not try and make the most of it? If you like music, go to as many damn concerts as you can. Listen to your favorite bands and artists non stop. If you like to read, read! I have plenty of great books to recommend. Stop thinking of life as such a short lived thing. Life is only as long as you chose to be present, to live. Although time goes fast and it seems like your whole life is awaiting death, why not try and enjoy it while you can? Seek out people who enjoy what you enjoy, love what you love, and try to make relationships. I'm sorry if I offended you or am undermining you at all in this. I really don't mean to. I've just been where you are before and know that it can be overcame.

Yes! I want to die most of the time.....have been through sooo much crap and yes its made me stronger ...but not happier because when things go right's a short lived pseudo happiness ....I'm perpetually sad even if I'm smiling. Wish I was a tree, a rock ....anything to not feel. Life is crap .

I feel this way too. I have a friend who is kind of like this, but not quite the same. I feel like very few things that are done with other people are enjoyable. I find it tedious and tiring, always trying to talk to people about this and that. I find myself wishing I was never born when I'm thrown into those types of situations; the type of situation in which everybody else is super excited to go to, but I'm just dreading it. I've slowly been removing myself from those situations, but at the cost of those friends, which I've found doesn't really matter. I guess I like hanging out in a quiet environment with a couple close friends as opposed to a loud bar or club. To me, being alone is much more satisfying, albeit I still find myself wishing I had never been born. I think it's just an overall disappointment with life that causes this feeling. Nothing is as fun as it should be. Nothing is special or interesting for an extended period of time. It's all just boring. At least, that's my take on it.

I do, however, have one thing that I enjoy doing. I'm saving it for a special time though, when I get everything in my life sorted out.

As a child, I was mute. I wouldn't talk to anybody in pre-school due to the fear of being ridiculed by my peers. As I got older, I begin to talk, but the shyness, and social anxiety was still there.

The last friend I had was in middle school. Even prior to middle school, I wasn't very popular. I was probably the least popular person at my school, because I didn't talk much. People saw me as the kid who didn't socialize or talk to people. I had no real friends in high school. I did have people I would talk to but they were all extremely mean to me.

I've never had a girlfriend, and I am 24 years old. I've given up on being friends with males because I don't really care about male friendship. I only care about finding a cute girl to love. That's my main priority. To be realistic, I'll probably never find a girlfriend, and i'll probably die never having experienced romantic love.

I'll never have a kid because mental illness runs in my family and I don't want to pass that onto my kid. I have a few uncles who are as reclusive as I am despite not being very shy. I have a brother who was diagnosed with schizophrenia a while back, and he's more reclusive than I am. I at least can talk. My brother doesn't say a word to anyone, and avoids eye contact.

I noticed something really weird the past few years. It's been really difficult for me to articulate words, and to speak in coherent sentences. I guessing this is due to not speaking to people over a long period of time. Sometimes I go months without speaking to anybody. It basically ruined my social skills.

I wish I were never born, because I hate myself. I hate my intelligence, my personality, my appearance, my lack of social skills, my voice, ect.

I never contemplated suicide until a few years back. I actually thought about it and wondered if I could actually go through with it. I was trying to find a reason to do it, because If I had a choice, I would prefer non-existence over the mediocre life I have. I don't even know why I am still around. I guess it's because I am too much of a coward to kill myself.

Try reading to overcome your loss of speaking abilities. It could change your continuously negative thoughts too. Having sentences and phrases run through your mind daily through reading will help stabilize your sentence structures.

I do!!! I am a 42yr old woman and i have very similiar views. I began hating my life and being alive at the age of 11yrs. That is when the worst of my panic attacks began. I was receiving an award in front of the entire sunday school classes at church. My muscles tremored uncontrollably and my eyes felt like they were 'rolling' back in my head. I couldnt speak or stand still! I was terrified! At this point, all i can remember is the loud, relentless laughter that still haunts me to this day. The most disturbing thing though, is that NO ONE came to check on me after i ran out of the building to the parking lot crying! That was the beginning of my desire for my own end. After surviving a suicide attempt in 1995, i am diagnosed with panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and bipolar disorder. I had been also diagnosed with other hereditary disorders that would ruin whatever plans i may have had for my life. Because these things are genetic and due to my own condition, i have no desire to make another soul suffer as i have and still do. People think im selfish because i dont want to have kids. I grew up with bullying issues that were so bad, i have no self-esteem, just self hate. Bullying was a big part of the reason that i wanted to kill myself. To this day, it is difficult for me to describe what bullies did to me growing up. Ive lost hope in most things, though i try to trust in God. I live day by day and thank God that all of this will end one day and hopefully then, ill find the peace in the arms of Jesus Christ, something i could never find here on earth.

I wish I was never born.

I have felt that way off and on my whole life. Exactly that way.

Yes I may not have your feelings or philosophy as a whole in regard to bearing with the reality of life on earth. Many events that happened to one's life are in many way without relating to what is right or wrong. As an example, how one thinks and behaves is mainly decided by his genes which may be beyond his control - like compulsive gambling, drug addition and dangerous sexual desire - that can spell trouble in life. Just like one's IQ or EQ, there is no way to change it regardless of how hard we try.

I came out my moms vagina feet first so obviously I wasn't too happy about being born. Then I was so sick as a baby I nearly died now that's a sign this life is not for me. Now because I didn't die I always thought maybe there is a reason for that , maybe I am going to be a special person have a testimony I should of die but I didn't like those people have seen and heard of so I kept hopes up. As I get older i realized I am no one special I was suppose to die at birth but I didn't and according to God or the universe which ever you believe in according to their record I'm dead. I pray but my prayers are ignored so if there is a God he doesn't recognize me as an existing person but as a dead one. It ****** me off that I have been good .... The good daughter ,the good friend, the good sister , the good helper, the good supporter, all these good have done I am never gonna get any reward for that because I am dead! I can't catch a break nowhere and I'm not complaining its just frustrating that I've been waiting and keeping hopes alive and at the end I get **** because all the good I've done was in vain and nothing good back might never happen to me. So yes back to the point I do wish I was dead because if I was physically dead then I couldn't feel no pain no hurt I wouldn't be here dreading this everlasting hell that I'm going threw daily when even as a unborn child even as a fetus I hated the thought of being alive I guess I had a sense of how bad things were going to be for me.

I feel the same way. I didn't want to be born as soon as I emerged from the birthing canal. I was breathing fine. I took one look around and then held my breath until my face turned blue. I knew this was a losing battle to begin with.

I have a career and hobbies and a loving relationship, but am constantly frustrated, saddened and angered by the world around me which I see as dysfunctio al and antagonistic on almost every level, from aggressive drivers on the road that make me feel like Im going to die every time I start my car all the way up the spectrum to war, famine, rape, kidnapping, murder, the cannabalism of our planet, the corruption of politics, greed, money, selfishness. I feel that I am a good person that just wants peacefulness and happiness, but when I look at the world, I see it becoming progressively worse.

My girlfriend wants kids. I wish I was never born. Why then would I want to force this world onto an innocent child?

Holy cow this sounds exactly like me (aside from the holding my breath part after birth). To me, the world is owned by a select few barbarians who control the rest of the world like slaves. We don\'t call ourselves slaves though, we call ourselves (proudly) the \"working class/middle class\". We have other, lighter terms for it too, like \"blue collar\" \"white collar\" and \"upper middle class\" that help us feel better about our situation. The way I feel is we are simply slaves for the elite of this world. Their nationalities aren\'t important, because they come from many countries. We are simply slaves to them, just like the kings had their peasants long ago. Nothing has changed, and nothing will change in the regard.

Regarding \"war, famine, rape, kidnapping, murder, the cannabalism of our planet, the corruption of politics, greed, money, selfishness\"- I also feel this way. My girlfriend also wants a child but I see no reason to provide the barbarians of this world with another slave. Whether my child would become a doctor, a politician, a mathematician, or a police officer, he\'d be simply working for the innately corrupt and unfair system. And my child would be born for what? So that he/she could then provide another child/children for the system?

I wish I was never born because I think life is pointless, bland, boring, and disappointing. I barely find anything fun as I did when I was a kid. Society is selfish, greedy, ignorant, and a pathetic excuse for \"civilization.\" People are fake, vain, materialistic and shallow. I wish I was never born.

I\'m in the same boat as you regarding having a child. I wish I was never born, but my girlfriend wants a kid. Holy **** how do I justify having a kid!?!

It's funny, The same exact feeling You have - I started having it at the age oF 19. The feeling grows stronger Everyday. Life is meaningless, Whatever way you look at it. Even iF i have someone close to me, who is completely like me, understanDs me, i will be afraid of that person Cause i am afraid of Losing, I get The feeling i Am losing more and more everyday. ...., thus life still becomes Meaningless, Life is not the fantasy i thought it was when i was A child,.. . cause It's full of imperfect people, situations,. .. And I am imperfect too. ... Gone are the days when i had the confidence that i could win and turn over everything. ..

I feel exactly the same. I am in the UK have an MSc, two degrees and still cannot find a job. I used to imagine what my life would be like, after graduation, working, and travelling, some more. But now, I don't feel I could ever be happy. Looking outside myself, and analysing what it means to be human I can't help feeling that it is quite disgusting. I have fantastic friends, am very social, but still I do not see the point of it all. We are so controlled, and even the information we gain about the world around us, though governments, historians and the media may well be untruthful. I feel like a farm animal, I feel so cynical about the social constructs that make our lives so controlled. I am from the western world, but am not sure the western world is such an innocent or truthful place to be. The only humans that seem to get anywhere are the people who will do anything to gain that power. Our lives are now controlled by big business, governments which are full of self seeking people: not representatives of the people -which means that we are now living in an fragmented society where not everyone gets the same opportunities in life. I do not fear death, but welcome it. I would jump from a very high building or travel to a place with a very high mountain, tomorrow, feel the wind in my hair as I fall to blissful oblivion. now if it was not for my Aunt and closest friend; whose brother committed suicide -so of course, I could not do that to her. If I do something I will do it after my Aunt has passed away. Hopefully, my friend will get married and will have less need for me. It is funny, I would leave this world this second if it wasn't for three people: said Friend, said Aunt, and fiance -I couldn't do it to him either. I hope we can breakup -have tried to get him to do it, but he gets upset, which then makes me upset. I don't want to hurt it.

I feel this way too...I once had a lot of friends a great gf a good job and i messed it all up...I had a bad family life so I did not talk to my family for a few years and only had my gf...I slowly lost all my friends and only had my gf but her family did not like me and we broke up because of them she didn't even I have no one...I already planned my suicide and its just a matter of time before I kill myself by taping a hose to my muffler that will lead inside my car

I hate myself and I want to die but fear of failure stops me from trying as well. Life is a colossal waste of time and I'm actually happy about the getting old because the sooner I die the better. Not living, just killing time.

If I had the choice I would have wished my parents did not have me. Especially since my dad didnt not even stick around for the life he forced into this world. My mom once said I was the best thing she ever did. I wanted to tell her I wish I was not here.

Its selfish to brings kids into the world, so if you do, you'd better do everything you can for them.

Me! Me! I feel the same way too! Everything feels pointless and not being born is different from dying, so yeah, I'd love not be born.

Wow. This sounds like something I could write. Exactly. I don't consider myself depressed. I'm living each day and enjoying what I can. But, if you showed me a button I could push to undo my existence, I wouldn't need a second's thought.

I sent you a message, if you would open up and repent the is the only advice yo will ever need.

**** your religious bullshit enjoy deluding yourself while we actually have real discussions.

I here you. My sentiments exactly. I wish I was never born. I am bipolar and have had failed attempts to secure a great career. I work in the clerical department and don't feel stimulated enough. I have gone to school and had too many manic episodes followed by extreme extreme lows that cause me to constantly HATE life. At one point, I occupied all my time working because I had nothing else I could find myself interested in. However, when I am manic, I am a different person. I feel like I am privileged to feel how most people that are successful feel(when hypomanic) and also how depressed people feel(mostly attributed to being lazy). When I am high, I like physical activity but when I am depressed I think it is stupid to climb a mountain or kayak. So in a way my brain is stuck in two different worlds. To make it worse, I am a single mother of a 11 year old. I have to be strong for her and live for her so I try to muster up some courage to live but it is SO SO hard. I know it is survival of the fittest and my genes are not very strong. However, I have HOPE at times. I am 36 years old and once again have applied to a school. This time I am on a new med and I promised myself I would stay on it despite some weight gain.

I wrote a diary after getting these same "vibes", called therapyforthelivingdead - eventually living with anger, depression, stress, anxiety which all feed each other and drag you further down the rabbit hole, but doesn't finish you off, you become a living zombie with just enough 'smile' energy to convince people you aren't who you really are. I've had the therapy, I've tried to change me, add goals (nlp etc), but ultimately, and the nay sayers are right, "you have to want it", and none of us really see the point. I don't wish I was never born though, I just don't think I 'should' have been born.

So, I sit here on NYE in my office reading these, writing this, picturing people on the Thames in London waving their flags enjoying the fireworks, and I picture myself, on a bench, on a big hill, looking out, with a dog sat next to me. Maybe the other google search I did was right, maybe I am not human. I've stopped wishing for more now, I've just accepted that there is no big win here, take each morsel of happiness you find in life, but don't bother chasing it, it evaporates like a puff of smoke as soon as you do, and just leaves you back at square one. Happy new year. Here we go again.

Existential boredom is the name, I believe.