I Wish I Never Saw The Face Of This Rotten Earth

...im  losing hope in myself in this rotten society!, everynight i go  asleep hoping to never wake up. I drink and mix drugs when im out , secretly in  the back of mind i hope it will destroy me.


Im 25 and had a typical upbringing i would say, of course ive been in trouble blahh.messy and good relationships like all young people. ive had jobs and travelled ,The only thing i want to do is music but parents/falmiy/society ave high expectations....


the last 3 years i just dont see the point to life,it is just on going depression and pain! everyone is selfish and greedy, im not motivated and dont to conform to a corrupt human but it seems in this post war generations to be successful you have to be a fuckhead, but i cnt stand on other people n  im seriously depressed about this. i seriously thought about taking  my own life, i sat on a bridge over a river for 1 hour before somebody took me off it.I thought about it as teenager but i thought things would change, everything is bullshit, nobody can tell me otherwise, life is one painful experience, the good people get left behind n suffer.im am deeply troubled and i need some advice, ive tryed everything but this life is too much for me now. please somebody offer some help.

somethingintheway somethingintheway
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 28, 2010

X/... Life can be very painful.. but I believe you can make the best out of it.. hang out with friends, even if they aren't perfect, having fun, listening to music, enjoying nature, and just trying to make it...