I Am A Doormat

Just like the title says, I am a doormat. I let family and friends walk all over me and use me. I feel like I cant ever say no. "Can I borrow money"? "Give me a ride". "I need a favor". Yup that's what im asked, daily. I'm only 27, but yet I still live with my parents, not becauze I cant afford living on my own, no its because I have to take care of them, along with a gradmother, a few singlings, and nephews,I also have my own son to care for. I have an aunt that borrows money weekly it seems like, I never am repaid but still I keep on lending. My parents should be caring for my grandma but no, I take care of her. I never go out, Ive given up dating because who wants to date someone and their entire family? The sad part is that I feel bad just complaining now. Yeah, I feel like Im a ***** or something just because I dont wanna do something for someone.I really wish I didnt have such a kind heart.
MissBoop MissBoop
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 20, 2012

You are a kind person but you need to stop enabling your family to keep using you and making you feel so used up. Live in you own place, help the ones that really need help, like your grandmother, but put your foot down when they keep on doing it, to you. I mean why give your Aunt money? Just say no....Im sure you get where Im going with this. Good luck.