Dont Think It's Ever Going To Happen!!!

Well I'm 29 and have been Married for 10 years now.  We have been trying to have a baby for all 10 of those years.  No sucess. I have PCOS and can't afford fertlity treatments.  I have done everything they have told me to and still nothing.  We thought of adoption and went to the classes for it but in the end not a right fit.  I was for it cause for me now it is just having a child but my husband not so open.  The questions never go away people who even now the situation always asks when are you two going to have a baby.  (Like I have the answer to that) The pain is always there too.  People just don't get it this is not a choice we can't get pregnant and that is how it is.  They also try to blame one of us more than the other but we are both at fault I can't concieve and he can't adopt.  I know I would be a good parent and so would he but somethings just don't seem to work out for everyone. People only talk about the mircle stories but sometime mircles don't happen.  Sometimes dreams don't come true and Sometimes you have to just be happy and push the want and desire out of your mind.  I pray all of you have all your dreams come true and you never end up where I am in the problem.  I pray you have great fertilty and sucess in all you want and do...  Good Luck and Best Wishes
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

I kno exactly how u feel.... i am a 25yr old suffering with endometriosos.. i have had the worst life ever u cud imagine.. and now god spings this on me.. ive bein goin out wit my BF 5 yrs now, hes 31 and we love each other to bits all we ever wanted is jus 1 little bundle of joy.. and it wud make me the most happiest person in the world. since bein diagnosed wit endo i feel like i have let him dwn. both our brother s and sisters all have children and its heart breakin that wer still tryin its bein nearly 2yrs now. i too am stuck for cash too. so im waitin public to have an operation to try increase my chances.but it looks like ill be waitin another year before im called. its also bein suggested by the docs i have my eggs frozen b4 the op, but this i have to pay for!! which ill never have!! it jus seems to get harder and harder the more i try.. i wish miricales did wrk and all wishes come tru.. i still try every month regardless wha the docs say!! i wont give up!! i belive when theres a will theres always a way!! so what im sayin is never give up stay strong and keep fightin!! fighters are succeeders, and succeeders are winners:) hope it will all work out for u one day.. xxxxx