I'M Losing Hope

Ok... Me and my boyfriend have been trying since november to have a baby.  It is now March and for some odd reason it doesn't seem like it has worked yet.  I didn't have a cycle december or january.  during that time i took numerous hpt but they were all neg.   that is when i decided to make a doctor's appointment.  i did and when i went the preg. test came back neg. there also.  i just don't understand.  i have had sore nipples, upset stomach, lower back pains, all the symptoms of being preg. except for a positive preg. test.  in my heart i kinda believe that i'm pregnant and i don't know if i am in denial or what.  but i go to the doctor tomorrow and i am hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

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3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

If you try for longer then a year maybe you should talk to a OB/GYN and don't get your hopes down unless you have heard you can't in no way shape or form have a baby. Stay Positive always.

Thats strange My hubby and I have been trying since August of 08 and nothing. Just like you I missed my period in Jan and March, but was not pregnant. I did have a bladder infection =(

Have you had any blood work done? My boyfriends sisterinlaw had the same thing happen and she turned out to be pregnant.