Born Pretty Is Not A Life-long Advantage

If you're pretty, life is easier for you, male or female, especially if you're young. But mostly for pretty girls. Otherwise, other kids will make fun of you, often out of fear of being made fun of, themselves. Being pretty has a very pecking-order aspect to it, and as long as others don't think you're "that bad" or on the bottom of the scale, and especially if you participate in the heckling, you can coast through life because of, or in spite of, your face.

Pretty, is, of course, skin deep. There are plenty of beautiful looking people who are freaking ugly underneath their pretty veneer. And woe to those who expect to be pretty forever and use it as a crutch to get through life. Some of us get better looking as we grow older. Many grow less so, and if you're hooked on your yourhful handsomeness, what do you think of yourself as you age, and things like plastic surgery fail you or are unaffordable?

In the the original Beaumarchais story which inspired the Mozart/DaPonte opera, "The Marriage of Figaro," Figaro grumbles about his master, who is lusting after Figaro's bride. "All you had to be rich and successful is to be born. But I had to live by my wits."

So, though I was not born pretty, I am proud of developing skills and traits and attitudes quite independently of whether or not I am pretty. And there seems to be no shortage of people who want to be with me, in all varieties of contexts.

Never let the ugly-inside bastards get you down!
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6 Responses Jul 18, 2010

jasmine, only if you STAY pretty.

lagatta, you're so sweet to say so! thanks for enjoying my writing and my experiences.

AWESOME POST! You are very inspiring!!!

takenheart, that attitude/truism takes time to understand and accept and internalize. that's one big advantage of growing older! ;)

thanks chellaa -- i got a little bummed by so many people wanting to be pretty. to some extent, one can reverse one's fortunes, but is it worth it?

wow. nice post.