When Was Under 5 I Was Pretty

My life been hard since have grew up to become ugly and people assume I'm man before open my mouth with my little girl's voice. Its shame that couldn't stay with my even soft caramel skin tone and chubby soft round face with pouty pink lips. But guess in my pass life I was evil, since my family generally treat me like ****. I was teased for being masculine and being odd and my voice not matching my exterior. I continue with my low self esteem since tired of having to prove myself to everyone that am..(long list of things) good person. I always notice that  an attractive person was always  treated better even though she wasn't nice person. But took it as life being life.  When people look my photo they tend to look back at photo then at me probably thinking what happened to my face and if photo actually is me.
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Men are more judgmental then women, even though, women say looks don't matter. The only reason they say this is to feel better about themselves. Most women wouldn't date an ugly man because of what other's might say. I don't know how old are you now. Don't let life pass you by. Find out what exactly make you ugly, fix it through surgery or what you can do to change it or you will grow old with a dog that will be the only one that love you ,for who you are.

Been preach that for the longest time. I will....save 27,000 dollars .

people tend to miss the mark when it comes to pretty you are who you are take pride in that good luck

If Venus and Serena Williams are to come and live in China or India most would assume they are male. They are big, strong black women far taller than most Asian men. Now put a Chinese guy in a village in Tanzania. He would be mocked to be a cute female.<br />
Humans have made lot of technological progress in recent years with Internet, satellite,space stations but our social development have been sluggish if not non existent.