This Is Me

since i was 6 years old i was starting too get ugly. i was very very skinny and everybody told me so. at the age 11 I realized it was not normal , i took a diet but im still skinny. i am just a pencil. because i look like a pencil people think they can treat me that way too. like my dad. he told my a was a skelet and he hates me. in his eyes i do everything wrong. and on school nobody likes me because im diffrent. i feel diffrent. i wish i could be a curvy , nice , social person. but im shy , ugly and weird. my best friend left me because she wanted too join the coolest kids on school. i found a new bestfriend but i still dont dare too tell her whats up with me. i wish people talked too me and told me they liked me . they only stare and talk behind my back .

i wish i was not black.

iwishpeoplelikedme iwishpeoplelikedme
Sep 8, 2012