I Really Just Want To Know Whether Or Not I Am Pretty....

Am I pretty to myself?.....sure half on the inside.....but physically I can't say much, other than when i do really nice on my makeup and not show my teeth, wear a large push-up bra, wearing clothes that don't make me muffin-top, and show my *** a little better.....I have to do so much in order to feel pretty, but knowing that I am really just wearing a costume. is heart-breaking.
I could never be nudist, too vulnerable, and I would feel even uglier.
I feel ugly even though my hubby tells me different....I hate being naked in front of him, or even in a mirror. I am scary....and so wish I was pretty without a costume.
I am consistently downing myself appearance wise, and honestly hate it....but I believe it........
OutLawedThinker OutLawedThinker
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

there is no way on earth you are ugly girl !!!! no damn way !!

I think you are very beautiful, you have quite a different look than what is considered the norm and that is one of the things that makes you very pretty.

Thank you

believe or not you are one very beautiful woman !!!

Thank you