I Really Wish I Was

I honestly wish I was pretty. Being 13 an about to go into high school, the reality of society is you have to be pretty or dead to get attention. There's nothing about personality, or anything. I always wish I looked like her, but I never will. ever. It's hard.
lindsmush lindsmush
13-15, F
2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

you're pretty. :) sometimes changing your hair or clothes can make you feel more confident.

Everyone has somthing special or beautiful about them. Anyone who is not superficial or has a true heart will love you for who you are and what you as a person has to offer, so don't try so hard to fit in with the crowd. Stand out, and be different as it will take you farther in life than having just a pretty face. Beauty is only skin deep, and it's within the eye of the beholder so just love yourself unconditionally. If you do that, and you gain the confidence you need, and know your worth as an individual, you will feel so much better as a person, because negative comments won't sting, and you'll still stand tall. Your heart is truly what makes you beautiful. Not a look, or a hairstyle, or clothing, but just the true you will always win inthe matter. Confidence is was people cling to. They see a confident person who always remains strong in their own skin and not afraid to be different from others will always draw people to you. You have a choice at that point to decide wether they are good enough for you to be around.