Wish I Felt It

i have never honestly felt pretty.  it's true that i always try to put make up on and fix my hair nicely but it still does not help me to feel pretty.  i secretly wish that i could contact a major makeup artist in hollywood and have them make me over.  just one time i want to see what my maximum potential for prettiness is with professional help.  as i mature, i realize i have to deal with my own insecurities and that no make up artist has the magical powers to make me feel pretty about myself.  i gotta work on this goal.

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2 Responses Jul 31, 2007

Yes, that's very true. Maybe it might help to focus more on being *attractive*? Prettiness is such a flat, static and superficial sort of quality, whereas attractiveness is something that has more life, and that we expect to wax and wane with our moods.<br />
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The other upside to that is that attractiveness has definite benefits and outcomes! Prettiness counts little towards character, but people who are *attractive* have got something deeper to them, and good grounds for chemistry. <br />
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Plus, one can *learn* to be attractive, and can behave as if one is attractive... and before your know it... you are! And then you can amp it up or tone it down as suits yourself and the situation. Far better than being pretty :D<br />
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And hey, maybe not quite as easy as that, but that approach worked alright for me :g

You are pretty; you are beautiful without super make-up. I hope you'll realize it soon :D