Wish I Was Pretty

I could stand to lose 20 pounds.  at the very least 10 pounds. i have lots of belly fat. i wish had an *** like j lo.

i'm of asian descent and i wish i had that white powdery face with the pointy chin and deep red lips. my hair is flat and boring. and i'm afraid to try Contacts. my husband has a long history with sleeping with different nationalities, i wonder if i can stack up to what he's had. his past still haunts me.

i walk around chinatown, koreatown and wish i could look like all the pretty girls. or the ones in the  newspapers. i wish i could get someone to hit on me that wasn't a perv or a weirdo. wish someone could see me as pretty.

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6 Responses Mar 18, 2009

It's not others who would say you're pretty or not. It's YOU. Whatever you think of yourself will project on your outside appearance. I'm also asian, chubby, not so boobsie asian skin tone but I love ME for what I am. Nobody would love us but ourself. My hubby loves me for what I am. In fact he has stayed looking at me for years. Talk to a close friend, enhance your personality. There are lot of ways. Most of all SMILE... A quote says...You're never well dressed without a smile..

Everyone wants to be pretty or handsome and there is nothing wrong with that but to me beauty comes from the inside.

Discovery Chick, I have to say I like your practical outlook. <br />
A) It's just perception.<br />
B) Fix it<br />
<br />
Love that.

I agree with the comments, but first love who you are. Set little goals for the changes you want. Let your hubbies past be in the past. He is with you now. We all have a past. Love you and then love the newer improved you.

Well.<br />
<br />
There's nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty now and again. I spend most of my time looking like an anemic wild-haired woman but get tarted up now and again to reasonably good effect.<br />
<br />
*Go buy some Paul Mitchell mousse...slap it in your hair and put in hot curlers. Hot curlers are the secret to ANYTHING you want your hair to do. Even Asian hair that wants to stay rimrod straight, or crazy curly hair like mine.<br />
<br />
*Go for the contacts. Try different colors if you want. I am squeamish as hell about my eyes so I wear Accuvue 2s and just leave them in my eyes for 6 weeks at a time (Oh stop. Don't tell me about infection, I've been doing it for 20 yrs). The first time I got contacts it took me an hour to put them in, but hey...it worked.<br />
<br />
*Get EYELASH EXTENSIONS. You just wouldn't freaking believe the difference they make, right away. Instant pretty girl.<br />
<br />
*You probably just need to tone your body a bit...get a Yoga dvd...good for inner and outer beauty. Will tone the tummy and help give you an ***. I know. I am an assless woman unless I work out - so I work out (ok, not only for the *** but it helps).<br />
<br />
*play around with makeup! Go to the department stores and have them do a makeover and then say you want to see how your skin reacts to it. See what their ideas for you are.

thats really sad that you are basically saying you want to be in a different skin and body!. Let me just say that i used to wish i was ugly. Sounds daft to someone whos wishing for what you are i guess but honestly its brought me nothing but misery i am sure my life would have been so much easier if people didnt just judge me by my looks. I can and have never been able to keep women friends as they are intimidated by my looks. Men i date give me a hard time because they think because of how i look i must be a cheat!. I have even had a bad time with my sister as looks appear to be important to many people in this world. Personally i prefered to be judged by my character than by the visual thing you see. I am more than just a pretty face!. Be careful what you wish for its not all its made out to be. I have had stalkers, obessesive boyfriends, jealous women, bitter rivals its really not a good place to be if your not one of them people that think that way. its a shallow world and the people in it make it that way.