Everything Wrong With Me

Sometimes, (especially when its pitch black), I can look in the mirror and think I dont look too bad...but then I go to school, or a walk, or whatever, and all my classmates and everything are flawless - thin, perfect complexion, hair that stays straight, or nicely curled, instead of frizzy and stuff, perfectly applied make up, flattering clothes, perfectly manicured nails...the list goes on. Why can't I get everything right like that? Or at least a couple of things, please, why do I have such a flabby stomach? I exercise often enough, and Ive cut back on junk food! Beauty just comes effortlessly to them, which then seems to mean that everything else goes right for them too - guys like them, theyre popular, accepted, have tons of friends, lots of money, do really well in school - doing well at schools pretty much the only thing I get right now, even there its only in a few subjects...

Enjoythesilence Enjoythesilence
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 20, 2009

Instead of looking in the mirror to try and spot what's wrong, try to spot what's right. You're trying your best, which means you've made it halfway out of the gate. Take pride in what you've accomplished and what you have. :) I know it sounds silly, but eventually it works.