Follow Me to Riches!!!

Follow me to riches!!!


Hello everyone...

I was a rich man until about 3 years ago.  I had everything money could buy.  And I lost it all due to a silly mistake.  Now I have decided to get rich again... and this time I will not throw it all away...

I am undertaking a new business venture.

If all goes according to plan I estimate that I should be earning a 7 figure sum per annum within 2 to 3 years...

Do you fancy this too?  If you follow my journey and follow in my footsteps you can enjoy the same wealth. 

I am beginning my journey on the road to riches. 

I currently have enough savings to last to the end of this year, and at 42 years old with no pension, I really MUST make money.  So this time I will succeed and I am going to become RICH!!!

My parents have money and so I had an self expectation from a young age to accumulate wealth.

When I was 20 I told myself I would be rich.  I wasn't.  When I was 30, I told myself I would be rich.  I wasn't.  By the time I was 40 I made so much money I did not know what to do with it all... 

I had a Harley Davidson and a Bentley Turbo and a large house in France with a 100 acres of land.  I was truly beginning to love life.

Money gives you choices...

Wealth also gave me a very large ego, I became too big for my boots and was not a very nice person. We have all met these people and I became one of them.  Losing everything was a huge learning curve for me in many ways.

I consider myself very lucky to have experienced both wealth and poverty.

I am older and wiser and now I am ready to get rich again.  This time I will respect money for the choices it brings and I will not become the ******* I became before.   

I can take you on a fantastic journey to wealth and fortune. 

I want to be free from worry and I want wealth again, and I want choices.

Watch this space and I will guide you step by step on how we can achieve wealth.

You will be able to contact me personally if you decide to follow in my footsteps and I will be there to guide you along the way.  I am very confident that this will succeed and bring myself and you great fortune.  There is plenty of wealth abundance in the world to go round. 

You will be able to do this full or part time.

I will tell you the first steps in my next blog - so watch this space!  and if you decide to follow me, you could have just begun a journey to great riches.

What have you got to lose??

Sirgoodnhard Sirgoodnhard
10 Responses Apr 21, 2008

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I'm ready been ready....tell me how!!!

he is a scammer... has not been seen since 2008

i can't take him seriously just for his screenname

u got that right marry


lets do it

lets do it

man lets do it

Im ready lets make it happen!

money is brains and hard work there are no easy ways.<br />
even ****** have to work hard.<br />
so there.<br />
get stuffed

Well, lets go for it.