This Is All I Want Out Of Life.

Because life is hard for a struggling college student. Paying for my schooling with student loans. And the only person who believes in me and is willing to help me is my dad. My mom? All she does is complain and moan when I ask her for help, but she runs around braging to her friends how she does for her kids. **** that! Man If I was rich... well I may never become rich, But i do strive to be very sucessful in life. O and all these people in my life, So called Friends, Family, Peers... They are going to Hate me when I get out of college. 1st thing im going to do, Is im going to disapear. not going to tell anyone where im going, I cant even tell dad because if they ask how im doing dad will tell them and tell them where im at. If I could get him to keep his mouth shut about my ware abouts or what im doing then I would let him in, but because of this, He will be dismissed from my life as well. Once I start makeing money as a lawyer, these folks better not DARE show they face around me asking for help. Because I will tell them what they been telling me. Same goes for my mom, she ever come to me for financial help I will laugh in her face and tell her what she been telling me, "Get a job". I cant work and go to school at the same time because I eventually begin to chose work over school and my grades go to the gutter, I know I tried it my 1st semester of school, thank god dad understands this. This is why I will visit him from time to time and help him out. And my best friend helps me from time to time and I thank him for that, but all these other folks in life, ima be a straight *** hole to them because to be honest, I dont need nobody. I dont need a girlfriend or wife to be happy, All i need is my best friend, my dad, and money... and god. Those 4 things and im set. And please people, dont try to lecture me about how people are important and **** like that, Or like someone I was once friends with tried to lecture me about how i shouldnt hate my family because I will tell yall this.


You dont know me, You dont know the people you are deffending, so dont try to tell me about something you know nothing about!

Krie Krie
Mar 1, 2010