Itll Never End

So let me explain myself I'm 14 years young, in 8th grade am 4`11 and weigh 85 pounds. I always wanted to be Skinner ever since the 5th grade which was when i started to become jealous of girls at my school. Growing up everyone even the doctors would tell me im under weight and too skinny. But in my eyes I didn't see it that way I just wish i could be Skinner but i hate talking about it to friends and family because my friends say shut up ur not even fat. And my family gets mad at me and tells me i need to eat or else I'm going to die. For the past month now I decided I was going to actually get Skinner than just wishing about it. So everyday I skip breakfast and lunch for dinner like yesterday I only eat tiny tiny pieces like I only had 3 goldfish and a bight of chicken, but i drink water too. By doing this I have lost 2 pounds so far but thats it. I think its kinda crazy because now I don't even like or feel like eating. And even I do I get sick like yesterday I gave in because my stomach started to hurt and i hadn't eat in one thing and it was 8 at night so i ate a slice of pizza. big mistake after that I kept gagging and feel like I'm going to throw up, also I don't have alot of energy and felt extremely tired all the time now. I'm liking the way my stomach is looking skinier but i hate the side effects I know I probably shouldn't be doing this but hey its better than not eating anything at all and hopefully making me Skinner.
arayray arayray
13-15, F
Jan 12, 2013