Im Not Fat, But Not Skinny

i'm not exactly fat, so i can't really complain, but i want to be skinnier, i hate looking in the mirror and seeing this blob thing looking back, i want to be able to look nice in nice clothes, buti dont feel like i do. i feel like my friends lie when they say i look really nice in somethinga and i dont look fat, cos there my friends, i feel like they feel they have to say that, but i really do want to be skinnier.
sezy sezy
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 18, 2007

I can relate. I assume trying to tone up is a good idea. Being unsatisfied with one's appearance is a horrible feeling to have constantly. You're not very old right now so I hope you come to love the way you are, because you probably do look fine like how your friends say. On the bright side, at least everyone isn't telling you how bad you look. For now just exercise and work to achieve a realistic and healthy goal. It's a better idea to try to develop a healthy lifestyle that you can sustain for as long as you live.