Too Big For Normal | Too Small For Big And Tall. O_o

I venture to say some people just don't understand my concern about my body. I hate the fact that I am overweight.........HATE it. I know that I am not ugly, but I wish I was smaller and had a body like an athlete or actor. God has blessed me with a beautiful wife, but she doesn't understand my disgust with my body. It would be nice to jump and nothing jiggle. It would be nice shop to at Express, Macys, Buckle, and other popular stores....Its hard enough being a tall man. I want to be smaller! I wish God would just take this fat away. I wish my face was not round. I wish my stomach did not lapped over my pants. AND Yet I have to eat...aint that some mess? I still get hungry but my fear it my body will store the crap. Dieting has to be a lifestyle and it gets harder and harder. When I am sad or depress I eat food. Now be mindful I am obese but I don't like what I am. I feel to achieve my goal I would have to dedication my full time hours to the gym. Most of my life have been teased, criticized, and encourage to not be fat-my wife does not like Im fat but the point is I am NOT Happy with my body. I was looking into cosmetic surgery like lazer lipo. Tummy tuck do not work well with my family; they get small and get big again. Today's fashion does not accommodate for my tall XXL stature. I am too small for Big and Tall and too big for a regular retail store. I am in Fashion Purgatory and it sucks. Like the average American I want to look good and feel good. For a Christian, this desire puts me more in a hedonist point of view; focus on my pressure. I am not really concern for the health issues, I just want to be what muscles I do have and such. Its personal. I want to know what it would feel like.
nordedav nordedav
26-30, M
May 16, 2012