I Wish I Was Smarter

I wish I was smarter I made some huge mistakes as a child that I will not discuss involving sex. I also made some mistakes involving sex with my xwife that I will discuss. I cheated on her. She cheated on me. We were going to buy a house and then she cheated on me and got fired from her her job. That job was at the same place where I work. I got upset with the supervisors and quit a job that paid great and then we could not get the house.. I ****** up.. then we moved to an expensive apartment and I had to work long hours to pay for everything.. we tried ... but I got depressed drank to much coffee I was confused could not function.. I was always working to hard... I need to slow down.. My wife is getting on my nerves.. right now....

marcustheartist marcustheartist
1 Response Aug 6, 2010