We're Screwed...

I had a beer with a friend of mine a few months ago. Part of the conversation went something like this.... I'll never forget it.

My friend looks at the sky and says "you know what?"
"What?" I ask
"Guys like you and me.... we're screwed..."
"How so?" I ask.
He takes a swig of his beer and looks at me seriously.
"Well, the way I see it" he pauses for another swig of beer, "we're just smart enough to know how to fix all the **** that everyone else breaks, but we're too f*ckin' stupid to know how to be rich."

I took a couple of swallows of my own beer, and looked at the sky.
"Yup. We're screwed." I replied. "We'll have to fix that."
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How are you doing now Sir? Also, i read your latest comment today but lost the experience where it was regarding where you advised a girl on her career path of her choice or her parents, where you said to follow your dreams & wishing someone told you that before. I'm a senior in high school & was wondering if you could let some insight/ advise for the future & just what I should avoid. I'm interested also in how you're doing now?

Yup. We have to fix that - me included.

Funny this is part of the reason I ended up on here. Just all seems so hopeless when you end up on the wrong side of things. The middle class is gone, and most of the rich just seem to be getting greedier. And if they do grow a conscience about it, they just give their money away to another country, rather than helping their own. And if you listen to the latest propaganda the Chinese are going to take over and we will really be poor! Sorry to be such a downer! Open a marijuana shop maybe! lol!

The way you look at it displays more intelligence than you perhaps give yourself credit for.

we can fix it, its not too late my brother :)

Never too late :) that's the beauty of it.