I Wish I Was Someone Else, I Feel That Everyone Has a Better Life Than I Do

 My life seriously sucks, i have had lots of seriously weird stuff happen in the past and i rekon i must be the most unluckiest person around - do tell me if you rekon you have had a worst life than me, i could do with a good laugh :P j/k I do wish I could be someone else - everything from the way i look and the way I am, to being alone, to my family, to things like having to visit my mother in a mental hospital and getting pushed out and ignored by my family- really do my nut xD I don't often get to talk to people and in some ways i am just jealous of everyone who has a normal life, people who can even live freely in their own house... ah but life goes on and i guess wishing i could be someone else is not going to help in the slightest ;D

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4 Responses May 17, 2008

Hmm..you rekon?? cos everyone i know never did what they dreamed of though they tried. It's like asking yourself did you want to be in this situation 10 years ago and generally everyone says no..they say life never works out to plan :) But of course that by no means means not to follow your dreams :) i fully intend to ;D

I suppose that's part of what has changed for me. I actually have all of the stability anyone could want, but I struggle against it constantly. A solid job, a mostly good wife, kids, nice house, etc.<BR><BR>When I was younger I wanted to be a mercenary in South Africa... I actually took the steps. Joined the Marines, began contacting people I knew who did that sort of thing...<BR><BR>It all became derailed.<BR><BR>I am the most organized chaotic person I know.<BR><BR>No point really, other than you can become whatever you desire. That sounds pretty cut-and-paste, but it's true.

awwww *hugs* thank you!

*hugs* oh rabbit... believe it or not, you're an amazing person hon, and guess what luv... there are lots of others that feel the same way. You're well funny, and you bring joy and laughter to many. Try to see what there is to learn around you, in the situation you're in right now, and become a stronger/happier person. You'll go places... I know you will, you're going to be even more amazing the older you get! =)