...but Who

A guy? HHmmm the only thing they can do that interests me is pee standing up and I'm sure if I try hard enough I can figure that one out. So who or is it what? I guess if I could be someone else it would be someone a bit more stable. Maybe more like my manic me... Not afraid to have fun and just enjoy... Or like the "mom" me... Jumping on the bed, giving raspberries and skipping through the mall. Most certainly the opposite of the "With the X" me... that me is afraid and cowers, always gives in and has no fight left. That's the me that has learned to flinch with every quick motion and answers to names such as b!tch. I don't want any of that me to remain. I just want to be totally carefree... able to belt out a song in the middle of a crowd or twirl in circles in the rain... just someone who has fun and enjoys all life has to offer...  That's who I wish I could be...
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No wonder you have a bad impression of us , who pee standing up. No one should live in fear or imtimidation. How did your relationship turn into that? Must have been much more in the beginning. Is this relationship worth staying in?

Well the only thing that I like about winter is that I <br />
can pee and write my name in the snow at the same time.<br />
But if I know that we will be getting company I sign my wife’s name so that they don’t think that I am a pig. <br />
<br />
Just goofing around. Cheers!

The cower and flinch part made me meloncholly for a time when ya could just dispatch creatures of that sort as play,<br />
Sad really.

that's not really weird....is it?

Ok I could so give those up... I like to hold it for them... oh now how odd am I... LOL

pee standing up? that's fun to watch guys do. it turns me on. or maybe i'm just a bit weird. and don't forget that it would also be great to be a man so we didn't have periods.