Sex Has Consequences

not just physically, but emotionally too. If I was a still a virgin, I may still have those lusty urges or desires, but my feelings would probably be protected. I lost my virginity when I was only 15 years old and to this day, I still am depressed from it, not only because of my lack of respect for myself, but because I also miss it. Now that I am a born again Christian, I can't allow myself to do any of that stuff anymore because I would not only be hurting myself again, but most importantly, I would be hurting God. It's just that it's very hard to chastise myself and practice abstinance after being such a promiscuous and sexually active person, but since I don't want to sin, I fight it, regardless of how sad I am about it. I think people should educate children on the emotional price they could pay rather than only teaching them about the physical consequences. The physical injuries heal up, but your injured feelings can stay with you forever. That's why I'm sorry for not saving myself for sex until I was at least married. Believe me, sex is really no big deal. Society only puts to much hype into it and that's why it's such an influential topic.

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I wish I was still a virgin. I'm a Christian daughter of a preacher. When I lost mine I felt so dirty because my dad is a preacher and I felt that I failed him. My dad always told me that I should always respect myself and make guys respect me. I didn't let my boyfriend respect me because we had sex . It's true that it does bring a lot if emotional pain. I think that it should be saved for marriage and I wish that I could go back in time to get my virginity back. I was hurt emotionally so much after I had sex because I knew that I had lost respect of myself but most importantly I had disappointed God. I don't know how I'm going to tell my dad. When I get married I don't want to wear a white dress because I'm no longer pure. I feel so dirty.

I'm nineteen as well and got pregnant last year--which is a whole different ball game but I lost my virginity at fifteen. I became a born again christian last year and am over a year abstinent but I wish so much that I didn't have the knowledge of pleasure. I sit and think, I wish I didn't know what that felt like. I fear ever forming a relationship again, even with a good Christian man that I will not be strong enough€ to resist that kind of temptation.I know that God is stronger and made perfect in our weakness but that didn't stop me from getting pregnant and choosing to have sex. I'm a whole lot stronger now, though ,but the fear in that still exists though I hear God echo--I will give you the strength you need.

I absolutely agree with both of you; the emotional and spiritual toll is the most terrible thing about pre-marital sex. I am a 19 year old girl who spent the first year of college living so sinfully, regardless of my strong catholic upbringing. I guess I was trying to rebel or just find myself outside of my family and the Church but instead I ended up losing myself. I gained a terrible reputation, but that was nothing compared to the worthlessness I felt when I finally slowed down and took a look at my life. I am currently trying my best to clean up my act and realize that I will never find a man who respects me if I cannot respect myself, and I cannot respect myself if I continue to treat myself body like nothing more than a means to pleasure. I wish with all my heart I was still a virigin. No one ever stresses how true it is that once you give it up, you can never get it back,

Unfortunately I was raised in a Christian home and my Dad strongly emphasized the emotional cost of sex out of wedlock. I choose not to listen and regret every time I have had sex. I hope you can succeed where so many others have failed. Best of luck with staying abstinent. Just remember the lord is always willing to forgive if we come with a humble heart.