Tough Choices.

i am and still a very sensitive person, i tend to be easily affected by what happens around me easily.

sometimes i wish i grew up , or was raised like an assassin with a tag name born to kill, and no easy emotions, fully determined and with a heart of stone.

the pros of being hurt easily is that you feel you're alive, it means that your heart is still exercising and your emotional center is working.

cons? people take advantage of you, sometimes they also tend to tell you everything that you're worse at, not really knowing it makes you feel like dying inside, they make you as their bad examples.

then again strength is shown sometimes in being able to compose yourself amidst terrible situations.

i'll keep my cool.
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

whoa, this is what i was thinking just now, after a bad incident today, except the assassin part .

aspire inspire perspire :)

something totally random and useless :D the 5 spires of leadership Aspire Inspire Perspire Transpire and Conspire :) nevermind, when i read inspire , my brain reminded me of this ! silly being !

silly me :D i am the silly one ! haha yeah right everywhere :)