im really thin and kinda tall. no one thinks that i can do anything that has do with strength. thats just a presumption but im still not that strong. i wish i was stronger.... also people think that just cause theyre stronger than me that they are better than me and can make fun of me

ninja ninja
18-21, M
3 Responses Mar 1, 2007

im the same way. ppl always think im so weak. i think im somewhat strong but im a chick so ppl then think im even weaker. i cant do puch ups but i can lift like really heavy things. i just hate when ppl say, "oh ur a girl u cant be strong and cuz im skinny too

Yeah same in here everyone in my school is SO strong even the girls my friends are stronger than me i'm so weak and ugly!

Yeah some people may be stronger than you as you say but think about this. I bet you are a lot smarter than they are! Intelligence goes a long way! We are all gifted in different ways.