Who Wouldn't?

Seriously- who wouldn't want to be the chick that Miss Perry kissed? I don't care if you are as straight as a board, flexible like a yoga master or playing for the other team. Katy Perry is a classy lady... not to mention that having a song written about you would be pretty much flattering to anyone. She kissed you, she liked it, wrote a song about it and soon it became a number one that all tweens were singing about. So really-- who wouldn't?

Katy Perry seems like a pretty awesome gal. I once accompanied a friend to her concert and much to my surprise she was pretty good. I am by no means a Katy Perry fan. I won't buy her album or cough up cash to see her for my own gain. In her defence- She does put on a excellent show with lots of energy and fun times- when it comes down to it I would have been thrilled to know that the chick Katy was macing out with was me.
Linxer Linxer
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6 Responses Jul 9, 2010

To each her own I suppose.

I'm a lesbian and I don't like Katy Perry, or that song. So, I'd have to completely disagree with you lol

Ahaha! Realworld2 you kill me sometimes! Merci Mr. Tuxedo Mask- I worked hard for that darn song... lots of wine coolers. lol.

Linx your pure enthusiasm shows that you really do deserve to be the girl she kisses. Lucky Lady.

LOL! It seems as though we are both left dreaming. :)

haha... i definetly agree, i would be so flatered to have her write a song about us kissing... lol i can dream can i? :D