I Thought I Was Marrying a Strong, Protective Type...

But... nah.  Mom told me I should've just lived w/ him.  He's diabetic (type 1) & she said, "Do you want to wind up being a nurse maid all your life?"  But I didn't listen.  He's not sick... but I've had to rescue him from insulin shock more times than I can ever count.  Seizures, passing out in the built-in pool, just all kinds of craziness.  But if I have a need?  Ha!  When I got super sick from gallstones & the Doc suggested surgery, he wanted me to schedule it around his business travel.  I never bothered.  I guess we women were born to nurture & I enjoy taking care of my loved ones.  But I wish my husband could be the strong shoulder I thought I was getting when I married him.  Especially when it comes to emotional issues... he's worthless then.  Cripes, when the hospital called to say my dad had died, he told me he'd "expired".  Who says that????  That's cop language I guess... he used to be one.  Maybe that's what hardened his soul.  That & the fact that I think his mom was a nut case.  He never has one good thing to say about her.  Oh well.  I do a pretty good job of taking care of myself!

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I never got to see him interact with Momma. She had already crossed over when I met him.

there then is the answer to your question. I've always told my girls watch how a guy talks to, about and treats his mother and you will have an indication of how he will treat you. Even guys who fake the good son act will show their spots at some point.<br />
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This is a little secrete I myelf did not learn till my second marriage. Once I learned it I have shared it with my daughters and their girlfriends.