Ellee talked to me on Twitter. I follow her too... I re-tweeted a link she posted to her new website. She just said, "Thanks for the retweet!"

... and now she is following me. Wow.

I feel happy that she talked to me. But, she probably has no idea who I am. And I certainly hope she doesn't know I used to stalk her because I had a crush on her husband... Yikes.

They're both beautiful and wonderful people. Kinda happy I got noticed by her somehow.

OK. I am batshit crazy...
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4 Responses Jan 12, 2013

You are crazycakes. But I love you for it. :D

I wants to follow you kits..


I get crushes a lot. Before Norman Reedus, it was a British singer who came to the school I worked at to do music workshop with kids. A great guy, but married. I follow his wife on twitter. Is that weird? OK, it's weird. You can send the men in the white coats to take me away now...

Wait wut ?

My former crush's wife. I was following her on twitter. Now she's following me back. She has no idea. Oh, and neither does he.