I Wish I Wasnt So Lonely

i really wish i fealt part of a group but no matter what i do i  am never fully part of the action. i try my best to join in but nobody seems to acknowledge me. it has been this way all of my life.i have a few friends but with other new people im never considered important or interesting enough to engage with. all i really want is  to feel included, genuinely in events and happenings. im about to move to another country and feel i will be more on my own than ever

mebutyou mebutyou
22-25, F
2 Responses May 6, 2010

I completely understand what you are going through as I often feel the same way, left out lonley like i don't fit in, that i'm invisible really :( But you have got to look at this as a great oportunity for you to have a fresh start, i know that it's really scary and can't imagin how you are feeling. But maybe if you think about it this way you might feel a bit better. Think back to evertime you've meet new people and it hasn't gone as well as you might have hoped and you've thought to yourself if only i did this or said that it might have been a lot better. This is your oportunity to try again and do these things. In a way i'm a bit jealous of you as you get to break out of this cycle thats getting you down- you get to reinvent yourself and hopefully be much more happy.<br />
Hope that i've helped a bit :) x

You will be on your own and maybe that will be a good thing. Perhaps you will meet new people who are friendly... perhaps you will feel even more isolated. It's all up to you; sink or swim. (=