The Us...

The US i am scared of is a very powerful being; the combined mental and physical capabilities of two humans, the joining of two lost mates and soul-mates, and with the ESP of the universe at their disposal, can determine US's own future.

The US i am scared of is a perfect creation of God, torn asunder at the instant of creation, and with the goal of finding the other, once embodied. The US is on a spiritual plateau far above either of the joined mates, and can sometimes receive messages from a messenger of God.  US is devine beauty, peace, and serenity; US is full of love, lust, and naughtyness; US is magnificant.

I am scared of the US, not because of it's power, nor it's perfection; i am scared of it, from the inside of US, because it is so much more than I am, yet feels so good and right to me.  I am scared of the responsibilities of being one of the US, and the question if I have the determination it will take to make it last forever. I fear the wonderous feeling of the US forming - not for fear of loosing my self, not for fear of destroying it - but because i know that all too soon the feeling will be over for a while, until the next joining.

Can I survive the US?  I hold healthy respect for it, and i am scared of it; nowhere did I say that I would run from it, nor seek to avoid it.  For I AM part of US, and i hope US is eternal.


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2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Beautiful !!! <br />
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From a fellow traveler.... peace and blessings to you both & Gods light and love accompany you. <br />
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Please keep us up to date...-:)

Thank you...we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary yesterday. It took a long time, and lots of work to get where we are, but I think we're finally making good headway. It was a real turning point when his depression meds were changed!! Thank you for your warm wishes!!

This is a lovely piece, as is your best writing. I feel the responsibility, too...and it is an awesome thing..<br />
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I love you,<br />