Blonde Hair Is the Prettiest

I envy natural blondes, because blond hair color is the best. It stands out, because it is so light; it reminds me of warm sunshine, and who doesn't love sunny days? I was born a brunette - and for me to look like a natural blonde, well I would have to do a lot. I would have to get my hair '********' by a professional hairstylist; then it would have to be dyed (a shade that wouldn't interfere too much with the natural darker color of my eyebrows), ad then it would have to be coiffed in a style that best fits my face. Basically it would take too much time and money... I'm just going to wait until most of my head is gray, before I start pulling out the peroxide.

Blonde dolls are always easy on the eyes... but I have dark-haired dolls too. Barbie is the ultimate swimsuit doll for little girls - now they are making a Barbie doll with tats!! OMG...

Armine Armine
36-40, F
3 Responses Mar 5, 2009

No! No! No! Brunettes are better. They look more mysterious. Don't change your hair!

i always used to be happy with my brown hair, but i'm finding that as i get older, it makes me look harsher and less fun. i used to have a cherubical face that sort of balanced the dark hair out, but now my face has hollowed out and looks more angular, and with the dark hair i just feel ... blah. i lighten my hair now so that it looks light brownish blond. when people who have only met me since i started doing this two years ago refer to me as 'blond,' it always shocks me a bit because i forget that that's how i look to the rest of the world. i still think everyone sees the dark hair, in a weird way. i wish my hair would just start growing in light brown. dark brown i think is ultimately ME, because it's what i always had, but light hair just looks better now and makes me feel more lighthearted and fun. alas... why can't they come up with something that allows us to change the colour of our hair before it even grows...?

Im a natural blonde, but my hair color changed and is now brownish.