My Mermaid Beliefs

i totaly believe in mermaids, and i will absoulutely not let any spirit crusher out there make me think other wise ok. so i really wanna be a mermaid ok if anyone out there knows any spells that really work id really appriciate if you would comment them .......plz do not joke around this has been my wish since i was 7 years old .....a really nice person (fishfreak) has been helping me to become a mermaid she was born half one and her friend to so plz just help me this is my only i wish........i swear if i had one wish thats wat it would be ok
Ivyluv567 Ivyluv567
13-15, F
5 Responses Jan 19, 2013

ok its just you know all about this cuz u r a mer so yeah but srry if i have caused any disturbance :/ hope everything works out for ya srry again

Ormaybe seekspiritual guidance and pray im not saying you have to there are just somethings that you have to find out for yourself im not always going to help you i have my brother, soffia who is becoming very ill and i have to watch my back fearing skylar might turn on me again

O I hav probly every spell out there

Ivy you might haveto just try a little harder and maybe dosome spell research by your self for a while or maybe try

plz comment