That Would Be Nice....

  f I were beautiful, I would definitely have had more boyfriends during my teens. I wouldn't have been bullied as much, I'd have been more outgoing & loved perhaps.

  f I were beautiful, my life would have been so different. People would have looked at me, & smiled. Would have said to my mom "What a beautiful little girl!", instead of stage whispers behind my back, "My lord, she's quite a big girl isn't she?". I've even had family say mean hurtful things, but of course they say they love me & are only saying this out of "concern" for my wellbeing. Can you say "BULLSH!T"

  f I were beautiful my life would probably be worth more. I would be worth more.... Oh well, maybe one day I'll meet someone who's blind & it won't matter to them what I look like. Maybe then, I'll be beautiful finally...........


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1 Response Mar 5, 2009

It would be nice, but things like that you have to work on yourself. If you are bigger and want to be smaller, it doesn't just magically happen. It takes hard work an control. As for being ugly, fatness isn't necessarily pretty, but I do not think you are ugly. Ugly people don't exist in my book. I hate the way I look, so I'm being a total hypocrite, but I don't exactly think I'm ugly. Maybe to some people, but not to everyone. Everyone is attractive to some people because everyone has different opinions. And some people look different. Actually, everyone looks different. No one is meant to be the same because that would be so boring. Visit<br />
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It's amazing.