I Wish, But I Can't.......

I wish I were dead right now.... I wish I wouldn't even have born.... I don't think people would miss me at all, and they shouldn't.... the ones who say that I can't do this because of my family and friends I just have one thing to say....... C'mon, grow up a little bit will you, we are like news in a paper, we die and people may remember of us in a time but after time pass they will forget about us.... don't let the others feelings affect you.... like myself....... I still didn't kill myself and I have a big motive for that, and the motive is NOT because my family, is NOT because my friends, is NOT because the person I love(if there is one...).... I didn't end my life because it would be not fair to myself..... tomorrow can be a day better than today and if I end my life right now I won't be able to live that day..... it would be just my fault.... but I really wish I was dead.... but I can't kill myself... if I could I would have already done it and you wouldn't be able to read this
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3 Responses Nov 14, 2011

I know exactly how you feel. I tried to kill myself plenty of times but everyday is something different and I have to keep fighting for me. No one else and take things a day at a time.

What makes you feel bad? If you can identify and immediately change that then maybe you wouldn't want to die anymore.

I know exactly how you feel... *hugs*

*hugs abck*, I'm sorry for you then.... living this is just the worst nightmare that exists.... somehow I think I wait for someone to kill me.... but if I tell someone then I'm crotolling then and I would be suiciding myself the same way....