Whats Wrong With Ppl?

why ppl fear death?its a ****** rest for ppl who have nothing to lose ,ppl who r full with anger ,sadness,hurt,pain,suffering who r alive because they just breath , ppl who r already dead ,just not buried yet ,ppl like me who never felt alive
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

I was once travelling in the Himalayas, and the long road stretched before us. We poor monks cannot get any one to carry us, so we had to make all the way on foot. There was an old man with us. The way goes up and down for hundreds of miles, and when that old monk saw what was before him, he said, "Oh sir, how to cross it; I cannot walk any more; my chest will break." I said to him, "Look down at your feet." He did so, and I said, "The road that is under your feet is the road that you have passed over and is the same road that you see before you; it will soon be under your feet." The highest things are under your feet, because you are Divine Stars; all these things are under your feet. You can swallow the stars by the handful if you want; such is your real nature. Be strong, get beyond all superstitions, and be free.

I can relate to your feelings, but something inside me makes me think about the future and how we don't know anything about it. Hope is all there is left when everything else has faded and it is what will raise you up and make you overcome any pain and suffering. I have felt dead inside, no life but my organic one. But then my weak heartbeats give me hope about the future. I want to be there to make a change and to serve my Lord. I want to help others, because I know what it feels to need help.

its good to know u find hope and u feel better,it s not the same for me the problem is i know whats coming and believe me im not just saying that but im sure things will get much worse and thats the problem ,

how can you predict the future?
This world is full of billions of people and all are the same all have the same emotions.
But some keep their sorrows and some tell it to others and the later ones end up only in despair.

i dont predict the future ,im just saying what i wish it happened at that time