Back To The Darkness.

Its just not supposed to be like this. I walk around lost like no one sees or hears me. Im like a piece of furniture like i don't matter. My life is like being trapped behind a window looking at the life that was mine going on without me. I can see it and hear it but cant touch or feel it. I screem and bang on the window but no one hears and I've been left here alone with just the memories of days past i just want it over .every waking moment i wish i could just go away. To sleep and never wake up. The pain i feel at thi moment is to much to take i wouldn't wish it on anyone. Tonight I've taken 4 valiums and took off I'm sitting on the side of the road trying to figure out how to make this pain stop and i dont know how elce to make it stop .what do i do. Go left were nothing's right or right where nothing's left. Or go away. I never asked to be here and I've been riding this ride for to long . I believe it's time to get off so i knew i should tell someone but don't have anyone to care enough to listen. Well to all ho have posted her i just want to say good for you e and all who are still with us _your stronger than me see you all some day.
scottT66 scottT66
Jun 16, 2012