Drinking Could Be My Answer

I think i should drink myself to death. Never been a big drinker, never aggressive or self destructive while drinking. As i see it now i think its the best way out of a complete waste of time that is my life. I've found no happiness in work or my personal life. I never expected work to be fulfilling or fun in the slightest but working yourself ragged for a **** life doesn't work for me. Everything ive ever done has felt like a unpleasant experience and i can not remember a time i was happy as a child or adult. Im just a failure at what is called life.
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

You are a lost soul just like me. More often than not things dont add happiness to our lives. Can you think of some things that do make you happy?

I know how you feel. I know we are all here for a reason, no matter how unclear that reason is presently.