Everything i do is wrong, the words i speak mean nothing more than i need professional help. The pain i feel inside i can not mask even with a smile on my face. I just want the pain to be over and feel a loving embrace. When i feel emotions that do not match the people around me i am rediculous. Why? Can you tell me why i dont have anything to say in a room full of people that only want to be heard and dont care to listen to what you have to say unless it involves them? Can you tell me why my emotions are pushed aside and seen as crazy when im hurt and am far from exploding? If you do, please help me.
hkidd21 hkidd21
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I hear you. Sometimes I feel so disconnected to the people around me. They don't always understand how I'm feeling. I admire you for reaching out here and trying to get support. The great thing about this world is that there are so many support groups out here. There are people who have the same story as you. They've been where you are and some have made it through to the other side. Its about finding that support which sometimes means stepping outside our comfort zone and trying something new. Hold on it can get better; you dont have to be alone.