I wish my life were over.... had a restraing order on me because my child's mother lied about me, claiming I would threaten and stalk her. Got into drugs and depression bad because she kept me away from child, so one day i called so i can possibly see my child (stupid mistake). Went to jail because of her dumbass and got clean after drug program. But still insanely depressed, lost a good job once i went to jail,in debt from college, can't get a good job now, live with mom and now she has a medical condition which I feel was caused by me and the stress I caused her. Oh, and still going to court for the mess that started last year.... Although i wish i were dead, i can't leave my kids. GOD PLEASE HELP !
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Im still going to court after three years. I really cant take it any longer!

Prayers for you. God loves you and will forgive you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers

Thank you for your words and God bless you.