I Was Dead Now

well i do wish i was dead because i live in a house where my so called family talks about me my brothers always put me down but when they need something they expect me to help..they only call on me when they need something im the only one that helps out in the house i buy food when the house needs it and no one appreciates it at all i help out with my mom she has health problems i have to get her meds go to docs appointments with her while everyone else sits around my brother has a 17 year old girl that i told him she was no good and he doesnt listen he is always broke cuz of her and im the one that has to support him cuz he wont move out,my other brother has a daughter that is not even his and tries to make us belive that it looks like him but it doesnt and never will, my sister used to talk about me behind my back and she passed away guess who had to fix things for her funeral me..i dont have any friends that i can say anything to i always put on a front of being happy but inside falling apart...when my brother disrespects and tell his girl to call me names it hurts me cuz i never thought they would be like this with me...i wish i was dead i dont feel like living anymore...i feel like im on this earth to suffer

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1 Response Sep 5, 2009

Hi there, i just joined this forum and ur comment was the first i saw...I hope u get this.<br />
Thk God i am not the only one experiencing this.I thought i was. Exactly wat u said. My family is almost like that. They disregard any good thing i do. My step brother dispises me and they ll pretend to like u outwardly, but inwardly they hate u. I am from a polygamist home.The pains re too much...Each time i think of it i cry every day. But wen they need something, the call me to do it. It only my father that likes me, I like him too, but he is not always around. he travels a lot.But wen he is around i ve the time of my life. He always encourages me and tells me things, this is wat helps me. Loking forward to here from u.