I Wish It Were Different...............

  • That I didn't care so much what people thought of me.
  • That I could stand up for myself without fear.
  • That I wouldn't back down if I knew I was right.
  • That I could be the kind of friend you have been to me.
  • That my heart wasn't so easily broken.
  • That my mind didn't remember the bad things quite so easily.
  • That I could put the past behind me & focus on the future.
  • That I was strong enough to make it on my own.
  • That I could learn to live & not just survive.

That I was stronger than I am & able to say "SCREW YOU" to anyone that hurt me. That I wasn't so quick to take them back just because I don't think I can do better.................................... =[

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4 Responses Mar 22, 2009

you are reading my mind also! I pretend to be happy & laugh when I want to cry & am breaking inside. Some people think my life is so wonderful, but think again, if they only knew & I get tired of coping with the pain in strange ways just to be distracted from it, hiding how insecure & scared I really am. I work with mentally ill people in a dropin centre & it's hard to pretend things are fine, but I do & it's challenging. Many times I am there wishing life was easier or I was some of the members who are happier there, some of them don't have a home or money & appear happier...strange but true...glad I could read your story Deleted. Thanks for sharing xoxo Martine

Sorry...Wyn...while I didn't follow you...I too am on that same path...and it sucks.. I have to admit...Oh well atleast I'll have some people on the path that understand! Hugs T

I think you are reading my mind too! I too wish all of those things.... Let me know if you find the way....Maybe you could drop some bread crumbs for the rest of us... Hugs T

I cant believe it, it seems as though your reading my mind.